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17 January 2015

Wordly Harking

Happy 2015 everybody! Here’s a quick update from the Alpine front. We’re looking forward to the exciting year to come. This year I’ll be picking up a pair of Nikes with power laces, catching Jaws 19 in the theaters and finally getting the hover conversion done on the Fiat in the driveway. Oh wait, that was a depiction of 2015 from 1989. In realty we have been in the woods writing and recording a bunch of new songs and nobody is leaving until we have an album. But don’t think that means it’s just all work and no play because that would make somebody go crazy. We have been neither working hardly or hardly working. We endeavor to achieve a balance of both known in the outdoors as wordly harking. So thanks for everything, it’s morning in the third millennia and we’re here to make some music.



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