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10 February 2015

What Have You Guys Been up to Charles?

The Alpine Camp has composed 7 new songs. We are currently recording tracks to communicate the songs to each other and work out the ideas behind them. I’m really excited about the results. We are definitively dialing in our own sound and that feels good. I feel like we are always short on time but ultimately the pressure helps. Having a seriously limited amount of time makes us focus and boil it down to the super important shit. We’ve only put titles to a few of our new songs but the two I really like are ‘Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer’ and ‘Stars through the trees’ but that might change to ‘Stars through the teepees’ not sure. Still playing around with it. The next step is to send the songs out to the guys and then get everyone together to run through the songs. I’ll keep you posted!

– C




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