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08 September 2014

My Oh My What a Wonderful Day

You know what turned out to be a lot of fun? Zip lining. A very good friend of the Alpine Camp had a bachelor party and Chris, Charles, the bachelor in a Bat suit, myself and 13 other guys in their 30s zipped between the trees at Action Zipline Tours on Big Bear Mountain in Southern California.  It’s fast, with a dangerous learning curve, if you don’t master that break you’ll kick your instructor in the face and crash into the tree you’re aimed at. If you break too soon you’ll dangle for a bit like a jerk and have to pull yourself in the rest of the way while all your friends point and laugh at you.

All in all the experience is a lot of fun. The rush is exhilarating and it’s not very often that I find myself in a Sherwood Forrest style gang plank up in a tree. If you haven’t gone, go the first chance you get and zip-a-dee-doo-dah yourself from tree to tree. I just did it and I’m ready to do it again. Next time I would like to do it in a country like Costa Rica or Thai Land where regulations and human safety are not a top priority so I hear the lines are longer, higher and faster. A small suggestion too if I may, 17 guys in their 30s is the maximum amount of people to do this with. We were a little cramped up in the trees and although we may have the brains of monkeys we certainly don’t have the dexterity.

Check out this site to help get you started. Tell em Large Marge sent ya.


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