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25 April 2015

Final Touches

I checked in with Charles for an update on the Alpine Camp and here’s the news he had to deliver: 

Dave: Charles, how are things going?

Charles: So far so good, I originally thought we were being super ambitious about the time it would take us to get the single done, but it looks its taking us two weeks. Which is what we were aiming for. 

Dave: What was the hardest part of recording that last song?

Charles: The hardest part is maintaining a critical ear so I can make sure it’s really good.

Dave: How do you keep your music so fresh? 

Charles: There is no secret. Or if there is I don’t know it. I’m sure everyone has their own approach. Mine is just to remove all the frequencies that are not distinct to that instrument, that way when I put them all together no one is fighting for low end or mids or in the high end range. 

Dave: What’s been the easiest so far?

Charles: Equipment! It seems like every time Chris and I try to polish up songs, we run out of storage or RAM or whatever. The inputs for the recording device are scratch, the mic is broken. There are not enough XLR cables. That is usually what slows us down more than anything else. That said, this time around the equipment was never an issue. Fingers crossed, at least it has not been an issue yet. Oh man, I should probably go and make a backup copy of all the songs like right now.

So there you have it. The Alpine Camp is close to completing their brand new single on schedule, Charles’ home kit has finally become adequate for Chris to record sings on and the ability to step back and remain critical is essential to producing the best possible album. 


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