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08 September 2017

FREE you say?

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We played our first show with Los Angeles Jam promoter Spin Cycle Presents in August. Thanks to the peeps that came out and we have great news! We’re hooking up with Spin Cycle Presents again... Read More
28 July 2017

Time to enter the Spin Cycle

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Pumped to be working with the BEST jam/improv promoter in the city of Angels…Spin Cycle Presents!  They’re the group bringing such high flying acts as Cosmik Playground, Shaky Feelin’ and Shred is Dead!  We’ll be... Read More
23 May 2017

What the shuck?

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So excited for this one campers!  One of the biggest oyster festivals in the world and live music all day.  Yup, The Alpine Camp will be joining over 4,000 shuckers and jivers in beautiful Avila... Read More
12 January 2017

4.21.17 with Cubensis

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Ready for a party?  We team up with Cubensis again on April 21st for an epic show at the Golden Sails Hotel in Long Beach, CA!  Extra long sets and an amazing venue make this... Read More
11 November 2015


Thank you Campers for stopping by The Mint this weekend. We hope you enjoyed the show. We’d like to take you home with us, we’d like to take you home with us… You know the... Read More
13 April 2015

Home Mix

Although the Alpine Camp is a young band, everybody involved is a seasoned professional. In recent weeks they have been working on an album composed of all new songs. Currently, it is to this end... Read More
25 February 2015

Fire Burn!

    Chris Bell got a chance to work on his survival skills this weekend. Here he is trying to get a fire started by rubbing wood together. Luckily somebody else had a... Read More
08 February 2015


Look! We haven’t forgotten that we’re musicians and that we’re here to make more music, we promise! Jeff Interstella joined us to lay down a bunch of new scratch tracks. They’re all really good and... Read More
03 February 2015

Smoke That Super Bowl

A quick thank you to Chris Bell of The Alpine Camp for having everybody over to get wasted in front our friend’s Dad on Sunday. Here’s Chris Bell standing as he watches something happen.
17 January 2015

Wordly Harking

Happy 2015 everybody! Here’s a quick update from the Alpine front. We’re looking forward to the exciting year to come. This year I’ll be picking up a pair of Nikes with power laces, catching Jaws... Read More
19 September 2014

Black Owl Outdoors Love…

Skills are perishable. To stay sharp they must be practiced. Krik creates a one stick fire using the Primal Edge by Primal Edge & Leatherworks. Music by: The Alpine Camp – ‘Noose’
06 August 2014

The Pack Dance

How do you like your coffee? Let me check your pack and I’ll tell you. The contents and organization of your pack speak volumes about your individual camping needs and habits. Every item represents a... Read More
04 August 2014

Expedition Portal

Sometimes it’s nice to just really get the hell out of here. If you’re intent is to take a serious trek, a major expedition or an epic adventure, Expedition Porthole is a good place to... Read More