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07 October 2014

Anal is as Anal Does

If founding member of The Alpine Camp, Charles Etienne was raised by Mrs. Gump she would tell him “anal is as anal does.” A common trait among people of this type is that the anality is contagious. At some point in his extensive surfing of the web he happened upon a tumblr called things organized neatly which can be found here.
In typical Charles fashion, his anal nature was stimulated and he took it to level 11. This all came to a head one recent evening when I stopped into The Alpine Camp headquarters unannounced and Charles had arranged all of his inebriation paraphernalia into an organized mountain of awesome. There was everything anyone could possibly use to get fucked up and considering that Charles’ alter ego is as a mad scientist there were items that even the most hard core party animal would have to ask questions about. We took pictures but they would have to be presented in IMAX 3D at the cinerama dome in Hollywood. 
To be serious the posting of this picture to the Internet was blocked by significant others. Perhaps leaving some comments will be persuasive enough to let this picture see the light of day. 


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